Saturday, 29 August 2015

{Guestpost} Unapologetic- Playing Outside The Fashion Box

I'm blessed to welcome an other blogger on my blog. Today Nyasha from Stylesquadzim shows you how she started dressing outside of the box. I really hope you like this post and don't be afraid to write a comment and check out her blog. I think that we change our way to dress often. It depends where you live, where you work, where you go to school and a lot more. Fashion is a really interesting topic and I always like to see what other people like to wear. I get my inspiration for outfits on other blogs, on Youtube, Tumblr etc. I'm really happy that Nyasha is telling us her story.

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Growing up, I was awkward and timid. The fear of standing out or being noticed, honestly kept me up at night. I just wanted to remain in the shadows. The shadows were my safe haven. The road to building self confidence has been long, hard, frustrating and is still on going. So often I just want to run back into the shadows but I remember why I took a step into the sunlight. I didn't want to be apologetic about my sense of style anymore!


As a society, we have created boundaries, standards and various norms that have become a mean way to govern and police each other. All actions and behaviours are closely monitored, scrutinised and sanctioned. We observe the same scrutiny in the fashion world, with social media, family and friends being the main enforcers. We have created a fashion landscape that in some ways encourages fashion conformity and discourages unrestricted creativity.  We place so much pressure on ourselves and others to dress a certain way, to act a certain way and to be a certain way.


For me, the pressure to dress a certain way was enforced by family, growing up. The style ideas my family had for me were contrary to my own. I always found myself being apologetic about my style and working overtime to match up to their standards. It was a lot of hard work and no matter how much I tried they never seemed pleased! So I found myself resorting to the dark shadows, apologetic and unhappy, afraid to speak up. I realise now that all I really needed was the freedom to explore,  learn and develop a style identity. I didn't need someone to dictate a look for me because it only confused me drew me deeper into my shell.  I am still figuring it out but on my own terms.

This year I have made it my personal mission to explore and experiment with my style. Playing outside the 'so-called' fashion box and its restricting boundaries. I am learning that I do not have to be apologetic for the style choices I make or feel pressure to dress in a certain way. Fashion at its very core isn't about boundaries or restrictions, to me fashion celebrates creativity, uniqueness and individuality.


Creativity costs nothing, there is no right or wrong, just you. A lot of people think style creativity comes at a price, one needs to constantly buy new clothes or shoes. This isn't true! I am a girl on a budget and I have learnt to play around with clothes I already have to spare my wallet. I have so much fun trying to work out different ways to spice up my looks and keep them interesting.  It can be challenging but its a challenge I can take on, any day! I have found that the key is to buy versatile pieces (high waist leggings, circle skirts, scarfs, blazers, jeans), that you can mix, interchange and switch with every look.


My theme this coming summer is magic. Using everyday clothes to create illusions that make people take a second look! For this post, I paired black high waist leggings, a long sleeved body top and a special piece from my mum's closet. Now this piece can be used as a scarf, a blankie, a wrap over or a poncho- whatever you need it to be. This piece gives my simple all black outfit an edge and a much needed pop of colour. I decided to wear it as a poncho that stood out and stunned.

Fashion can be so much fun, if we let it! Don't be afraid to explore different styles, experiment and try out different looks with the clothes you already have in your closet. Its okay not to have your style identity all figured it out, just keep an open mind and be willing to learn as you go. Style is what we make it! No rules no limitations just the freedom to be you, stylistically!

Will you come out and play with me this summer?

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Full Make Up for only 21€ || Collab with

header makeup challenge

Do you guys remember the 20€ or $15 make up challenge? Now I don't know if it's still a huge thing but I remember that some years ago it was a popular challenge on youtube. I really loved the videos and I always was a bit jealous because they really got a big amount of make up. Maybe you know that make up is quite expensive where I live and we don't have a lot of cheap make up brands so I always thought I could never buy a full face make up for 20€. When I got in touch with Jen Moore from Bargainmakeup and she told me about the challenge I thought I would fail. I have never tried to buy make up for only 21€. I accepted the challenge and just went for it. Sometimes is was quite funny, sometimes it was quite stressful. I tried to only buy new products which I don't already own. Let me tell you that at the end I thought I would fail but I didn't. I bought a full face make up for 21€ and I like all of the products I bought. I didn't buy any brushes because I totally focused on the products.

Erinnert ihr euch noch an die 20€ oder $15 Make Up Challenge? Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob es noch so berühmt ist, wie vor ein paar Jahren, aber ich mochte diese Challenge wirklich. Ich war immer ein wenig eifersüchtig, weil die Blogger und Vlogger so viel Make Up für so wenig Geld gekauft haben. Vielleicht wisst ihr, dass Make Up bei uns eher teuer ist und ich habe nie geglaubt, dass ich für 20€ ein Full-Face-Make-Up kaufen könnte. Als ich von Jen Moore von Bargainmakeup kontaktiert wurde und sie mich über die Challenge informierte, dachte ich ehrlich ich würde versagen. Ich habe die Challenge angenommen und bin einkaufen gegangen. Manchmal war es spaßig, manchmal hatte ich ganz schön Stress. Ich habe versucht Produkte zu kaufen, die ich noch nicht besaß. Am Ende bin ich fast gescheitert, aber ich habe es schließlich geschafft. Ich mag wirklich alle Produkte. Pinsel usw. habe ich nicht gekauft, weil ich mich total auch das Make Up konzentriert habe.

all products make up challange


KIKO Sunproof Powder Foundation SPF 15 - Light

foundation make up challange


Deborah 24 Ore Eyebrow Pencil -281

eyebrow makeup challenge


KIKO Crystal Eyeliner - 03

eyeliner makeup challenge


Wet n Wild Max Volume Plus Mascara

mascara make up challange


Wet n Wild Lipstick - E902C Bare it All




from left to right: 1. lipstick 2. eyeliner 3. eyebrow pencil
The foundation is a bit orange but combining it with a good powder it looks good and in summer when I'm tanned it looks good. The coverage is light and you don't even need a powder to fix it.
The eyebrow pencil suits my eyebrow colour really good.
The eyeliner from KIKO is from one of their LEs so I don't know if you can still get it. The colour is beautiful and it stays on for quite a while.
The mascara is a really good pick if you're searching for something cheap. You can't compare it with a Maybelline one but it makes my lashes look good in a natural way.
The lipstick is the product I'm most happy about. If heard a lot about the wet n wild lipsticks and for some euros you get a long lasting and great looking lipstick. I really like the colour of my one and I'm definitely going to buy more.

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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Essence Make Me Pretty LE

all brushes

On Tuesday I got a package from cosnova. I had won at a essence giveaway and they have send me some amazing brushes of the new Make Me Pretty LE. Now essence is well known for their cheap make up and their good quality. In Italy it's really hard to find a place to buy it, which means that I don't have a lot of essence products. In fact I only have one mascara and a eyeshadow base, which I bought in Ljiubjana and I love it. I always wanted to buy more products and test them out but I never had the chance to do it. I want to thank essence and cosnova for sending my this Make Me Pretty brushes.

Am Dienstag bekam ich unerwartet ein Packet von cosnova zugeschickt. Ich hatte bei ihrem essence Gewinnspiel gewonnen und sie haben mir die wunderbaren Pinsel der neuen Make Me Pretty LE zukommen lassen. essence ist wohlbekannt für seine billigen Make Up Produkte und ihre gute Qualität. In Italien ist es schwer einen Ort zu finden, wo man essence kaufen kann, was bedeutet, dass ich nicht so viele Produkte von dieser Marke besitze. Eigentlich besitze ich nur eine Mascara und eine Lidschattenbase von essence, die ich aber sehr gerne benütze. Ich wollte schon immer mehr Produkte kaufen und diese testen, aber ich hatte nie die Chance dazu. Ich möchte mich bei essence und cosnova für das Paket bedanken.


The products


header brushes

In total I got 7 brushes, a case and a cleanser. The LE includes two more brushes, an eyeshadow brush and eyebrow duo brush is missing in my package, which is a bit sad.
Im ganzen habe ich 7 Pinsel, eine Box und eine Reinungsmittel zugeschickt bekommen. Die LE beinhaltet zudem zwei Pinsel mehr, einen Lidschatten Pinsel und ein Augenbrauen Duo, die bei mir fehlen, was schade ist.

Brush case and brush cleanser


box cleaner brushes 

The case is perfect to store your brushes at home on your make up desk or use it for travelling. All the brushes fit in the box. The quality is really good and it feels really stable.
The cleanser is an easy way to clean your brushes with not a lot of effort. I already have a cleanser like this from KIKO and I need to say that I like the KIKO one more. This cleanser doesn't clean my brushes really good. Their is still make up on the brushes after I cleaned them.
Die Box ist perfekt um zum einen die Pinsel auf den Make Up Tisch zu lagern, aber auch fürs reisen. Alle Pinsel haben in der Box platz. Die Qualität ist gut und es fühlt sich sehr stabil an.
Das Reinigungsmittel ist ein einfacher Weg um eure Pinsel zu reinigen. Ich habe bereits einen in dieser Art von KIKO und ich muss sagen, dass ich den von KIKO mehr mag. Meine Pinsel sind einfach noch dreckig nachdem ich sie mit dem essence Reinigungsmittel gereinigt habe.


Face brushes


bug brushes

The package includes three face brushes. They are big and fluffy and the colours are just beautiful.
Das Paket beinhaltet drei Gesichtspinsel. Sie sind groß und fluffig und die Farben sind wunderschön.


Bronzer brush


bronzer foundation brush

When I first saw it I thought it would be a foundation brush. It's more of a kabuki brush and I used it for foundation. It's perfect to blend in my liquid foundation and I also used it for a powder foundation. It worked really well and the foundation looked good. I recommend using this brush as an foundation brush.
Als ich diesen Pinsel das erste Mal sah, dachte ich es wäre ein Foundation Pinsel. Er ist mehr ein Kabuki und ich werde ihn für das Auftragen von Foundation benützen. Er blendet die flüssige Foundation wunderschön ein und auch für Puder Foundation geht er sehr gut. Ich rate euch ihn auch für Foundation zu benützen, das Ergebnis ist nämlich schön.


Powder and highlighter brush


powder brush

This brush works perfect for slightly cover your face in powder. It's also great to put on highlighter.
Dieser Pinsel funktioniert sehr gut um leicht Puder und Highlighter aufzutragen.


Blush brush


blush brush

This brush is not only amazing to apply blush but also to contour your face.
Dieser Pinsel geht nicht nur gut um Blush aufzutragen aber auch um euer Gesicht zu konturieren.


Eye and lip brushes


small brushes

The LE includes five eye and lip brushes. I got send three of them and the multi use brush.
Die LE beinhaltet auch fünf Augen- und Lippenpinsel. Mit wurden drei plus der multi use Pinsel zugeschickt.


Eyeshadow blending brush


eyeshadow brush

I like this brush to blend out my eyeliner or to apply a bit of eyeshadow underneath my bottom lash line.
Ich mag diesen Pinsel um meinen Eyeliner zu verschmieren oder Lidschatten am unteren Wimpernkranz aufzutragen.


Lip brush


lip brush

This one is a tiny and precise brush to apply your lipstick or outline your lips.
Dieser kleine und spitze Pinsel ist perfekt um Lippenstift aufzutragen oder die Lippen zu umranden.


Precise eyeshadow brush


crase brush

If you want to give your eye more dimension I recommend this brush.
Wenn ihr eurem Auge mehr Dimension verleihen möchtet, rate ich euch zu diesem Pinsel.


Multi use brush


muilti brush

This brush is the perfect multi use brush for your eye. It combines a sponge, a crease brush and an eyeliner brush.
Dieser Pinsel ist der perfekte multi use Pinsel für euer Auge. Er combiniert einen Schwamm, einen Lidfalten und einen abgeschrägten Pinsel.

What do you think about this brushes? Would you buy them? Have you already bought them? 
Was sagt ihr zu den Pinseln? Würdet ihr sie kaufen? Habt ihr sie bereits gekauft?

All products shown in this post got sent to me by essence.
Alle Produkte, die in diesem Post vorgestellt werden, wurden mir von essence zur Verfügung gestellt.

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

{Guest Post} Summer Playlist by Wave of Thoughts

This is a guest post by Rebecca (Waves of Thoughts). I'm excited to welcome her on my blog. Do me a favour and check out her post. As you know I sometimes do a Songs of the Week post (check out the last one HERE) and I'm happy to see what songs other bloggers like.

Unterschrift Blog

Hi! My names Rebecca and I blog at Waves of Thoughts. I’m 15 years old and I’m slightly obsessed with music. I’m here to share with you my summer playlist. These songs have been on repeat all summer (much to the annoyance of my family)!
  • Apple Tree by Nina Nesbitt

  • Only Love by Nina Nesbitt

  • This song saved my life by Simple Plan

  • Life of the Party by Shawn Mendes

  • Jersey by Mayday Parade

  • Roots by Orla Gartland

  • Check yes Juliet by We the Kings

  • Greenlight by 5 Seconds of Summer

  • Style by Taylor Swift 

  • All my heart by Sleeping with Sirens

  • Aftertaste by Shawn Mendes

I hope you liked reading my summer playlist and make sure to listen to these artists. Let me know what songs you’ve loved this summer!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Exploring - Raschötz


A new post in the exploring series. I really love hiking in summer and last weekend we went on a beautiful trip. We went up to Raschötz and the view was stunning. I hope you like the pictures as much as I do.

lang und plattkofel

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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Songs of the Week || Spotify Playlist

music memories

I have added so many songs to my playlist on Spotify lately that I thought it would be a good idea to update you on my favourite songs.

1. Drag Me Down - One Direction

You probably know that I really like One Direction. Last week they dropped their new single Drag Me Down and since then I have been obsessed with it.

2. Not Giving Up - The Saturdays

This song has been on repeat too. I don't know how old this song is but I really like it. Sometimes I find songs from some years ago and I can't stop listening to them.

3. You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home - Hannah Montana

I know that Hannah Montana is really old and Miley has moved on but I still like her old music. I have listened to the old soundtrack a lot lately and I still like this song a lot.

4. Fight Song - Rachel Platten

Since I have heard this song on the radio I have listened to it a lot. It's a power ballad and I love them.

5. Astronaut - Sido ft. Andreas Bourani

Seit zwei Tagen höre ich dieses Lied in dauerschleife und es wird nicht anstrengend. Nicht nur gefällt mir die Melodie sehr gut, ich mag auch den Text. Dieses Lied erzählt eine Geschichte, vermittelt eine Meinung und hat in allen Belangen einfach recht.

6. Bye Bye - Cro

Cro gefällt mir schon seit Jahren. Seit er seinen Durchbruch hatte, gehören seine Songs zu meiner Playlist dazu. Sein neues Lied ist einfach nur schön.

7. Growing Up  - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ed Sheeran

I'm a big fan of Ed Sheeran and when I heard he was launching a new song I was excited. I really like this song. It's a little story and Ed Sheeran's part is just perfection.

What are your favourite songs at the moment? 

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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Exploring || Peitler Kofel - Dolomits


When you read my blog for a while now you definatly know that I live in the Dolomits and that I love the mountains. HOME IS WHERE THE MOUNTAINS ARE!
On Sundays I like to go hiking in the mountains and I always take my camera with me. Last week we went on the Peitler Kofel - Sas de Pütia. With 2874 m it's one of the highest mountains in the UNESCO World Heritage.
Wenn ihr meinen Blog jetzt schon länger verfolgt, wisst ihr bestimmt, dass ich in den Dolomiten wohne und das ich diese Berge einfach liebe. ZUHAUSE IST WO DIE BERGE SIND!
Sonntags gehe ich gerne wandern und natürlich habe ich meine Kamera immer dabei. Letzte Woche waren wir auf dem Peitler Kofel - Sas de Pütia. Mit 2874 m ist er einer der höchsten Berge im UNESCO Weltnaturerbe.

Schlüterhütte Kopie gegenlicht peitler kreuz on top tata view

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